Endicott's ENSCO Receives US Navy Contract


Congressman Maurice Hinchey has announced a $1.5 million, two-year U.S. Navy contract for the ENSCO, Inc. facility in Endicott, New York.
The contract will dramatically improve the Navy’s anti-submarine warfare capabilities by displaying the positions of enemy submarines in 3-D, instead of 2-D.
The contract is with the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and funded through the Office of Naval Research.
“Scientists and engineers in Endicott will soon be continuing work on technology that will substantially improve our Navy’s ability to track submarines,” said Hinchey.
“Instead of relying on a combination of paper charts and two-dimensional displays, this important technology will allow Naval operators to gain a full sense of submarine positions using an innovative three dimensional digital display. It’s going to do a great deal to keep members of our armed services safe in the field and protect this country, and it’s going to help sustain jobs in the Southern Tier.”

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