Fiala Delivers State of the County Address


Broome County Executive Barbara Fiala has delivered her seventh and final State of the County address.
Fiala believes Broome County is on the rebound.
Sales tax revenues for 2010 are up 1.5 percent after a six percent decrease the year before.
And while unemployment is at 8.5 percent, it’s actually decreasing.
Fiala regrets she will not be here to see the completion of the county’s turnaround.
Despite her new job, Fiala says she will still live in the Broome County and keep a close eye on how things unfold.
Current Deputy Executive Patrick Brennan has been recommended by Broome County Democrats to take over the post.
Fiala’s last day has not yet been set.
She’s waiting for the state Senate to confirm her nomination.
She expects that to happen in early April.

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