Gov. Cuomo Starts Making Changes in Albany


It’s a new year, and newly elected New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has already signed the first executive order of his administration.
It happened on Saturday, just hours into his term, and removes physical barriers erected in and around the New York State Capitol. It’s in order to give the public greater access to their government.
As a result of the Executive Order, a series of concrete barriers stretching the length of the Capitol along State Street will be immediately removed.
The order also reopens the Hall of Governors on the second floor of the Capitol to the public.  Many of the executive chamber offices are located there, and it has been closed to the public since 1995.
Governor Cuomo signed the second Executive Order of his administration Sunday.  It requires Chamber Staff and Top State Officials to complete ethics training. The training will be offered by the Commission on Public Integrity. Enrollment in training will begin on January 31st, and must be completed within sixty days.
Cuomo says it’s imperative that government officials be versed in the ethics rules and regulations. He says top government employees should have no questions, no gray areas, and no possibility of confusion regarding what is proper and what is not.
The Order requires officials to participate in the training every two years.

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