Guthrie Hospitals celebrate 5-Star ratings for labor and delivery


(Sayre, Pa.) – Guthrie Corning Hospital and Guthrie Cortland Medical Center hosted celebrations to recognize their Labor and Delivery Units, following top ratings from Healthgrades, the leading marketplace connecting doctors and patients.

Guthrie Cortland Medical Center received a 5-Star rating for C-Section Delivery and a 5-Star rating for Vaginal Delivery for the eighth consecutive year. Guthrie Corning Hospital received a 5-Star rating for C-Section Delivery for a third straight year. These exemplary ratings reflect the hospitals’ dedication to delivering better-than-expected clinical outcomes for C-Section and Vaginal Delivery.

“When women come to us to add to their family, they can feel comfortable and confident that they will receive the highest quality care,” said Jennifer Yartym, SVP, President, Guthrie Cortland Medical Center. “These Healthgrades ratings are a result of that compassionate care.”

“Planned or not, a C-Section delivery can make a mother extremely anxious,” said Felissa Koernig, SVP, President, Guthrie Corning Hospital. “This 5-Star rating is reassurance for expectant mothers in our community that they will receive the highest quality care.”

Representatives from Healthgrades visited both hospitals to deliver the awards to Guthrie caregivers and discuss the significance of these 5-Star ratings and their indication of the high-quality care being offered in our communities.