New York Budget Getting Mixed Reactions


Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday proposed a budget that would cut overall state spending by 2.7%, the first cut in 15 years, and $3.7 billion less than last year’s budget.
The proposed budget will total $132.9 Billion.
Education items have been cut by $1.5 billion, plus an elimination of automatic increases that would have increased education funds by 13%.
A $1 Billion reduction is proposed in Medicaid funding.
The budget could reduce state employment by about 11,000 employes; 9800 may be laid off.
The state budget also reflects a loss of $5 billion in temporary federal stimulus funds, which runs out this fiscal year.
New York State is functionally bankrupt said Cuomo. He stressed the need to resist lobbyists and special interests in the budget deliberations.
Business groups are praising plans to reduce spending, but health, education and public employee leaders were critical of the cuts and proposed layoffs.
Assemby Minory Leader Republican Brian Kolb applauded the governor in resisting tax hikes as a means of closing the deficit.

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