Bradford County: Nominations open for BCRAC’s BEMY Arts Patron Awards


(Bradford County, PA) – Bradford County Regional Arts Council (BCRAC) is announcing the opening of nominations for the esteemed BEMY Arts Patron Awards. Named in honor of Brooks Eldredge-Martin, the founding Executive Director of BCRAC, these awards recognize and celebrate the exceptional contributions made by individuals, organizations, and businesses to the arts in the Bradford County region.The BEMY Awards stand as a tribute to those who have shown remarkable dedication and support to the arts, reinforcing their significance within our community. Through these awards, BCRAC aims to acknowledge those who have taken the lead in fostering a vibrant arts culture that enriches the lives of residents throughout the surrounding area.

Elaine Poost, BCRAC’s Executive Director, emphasized the importance of these awards,
stating, “The BEMYs are a delightful way to recognize and celebrate leadership in and for the
Arts in Bradford County and its surrounding communities. It is important to honor and recognize
the individuals, organizations, and businesses who value the role of Arts in our region and work
to ensure that those Arts remain accessible to everyone.”

Nominations are being accepted in three distinct categories:Community Outreach by an
Individual(s),Community Outreach by an Organization or Business, and Outstanding Arts
Patron. Candidates in each category must demonstrate a sustained commitment to the arts,
whether through tangible contributions, volunteer efforts, or financial support. Notably, BEMY
award recipients are celebrated for their contributions to the arts as well as their broader impact
within the community.

To propose a deserving candidate, kindly complete contact details for both the nominee and the
nominator (name, title, address, telephone number, and email).Then, in a narrative of up to
1000 words, describe the nominee and how they supported a specific arts endeavor in our area.
After the nomination period ends, BCRAC staff will review submissions for eligibility based on
the criteria outlined above. A review committee convened by BCRAC will oversee the final
selection. The distinguished BEMY Awards will be officially announced during the BCRAC
Annual Fundraiser in January.

Submit nominations via email to BCRAC at [email protected] by
5:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 30, 2023. Alternatively, mailed nominations should be
postmarked no later than 11/30/23, and addressed to the Bradford County Regional Arts Council
at 601 Main St., Towanda, PA 18848, Attn: BEMY Awards.
For further inquiries or additional information, please contact BCRAC at 570.268.ARTS or email
[email protected].