NYS Troopers arrest 453 for impaired driving during holiday crackdown


New York State Police issued 32,934 tickets and arrested 453 people for impaired driving during the National DWI Crackdown from Wednesday, December 14 through New Year’s Day. Troopers arrested 453 people for DWI and investigated 4,417 accidents, which resulted in 528 people being injured and eight fatalities.

During the campaign, State Police utilized sobriety checkpoints, additional DWI patrols, and ticketed distracted drivers who used handheld electronic devices. Troopers also used both marked State Police vehicles and Concealed Identity Traffic Enforcement (CITE) vehicles as part of this crackdown in order to more easily identify motorists who were violating the law. These vehicles blend in with everyday traffic but are unmistakable as emergency vehicles once the emergency lighting is activated.

As part of the enforcement, Troopers also targeted speeding and aggressive drivers across the state. Below is a sampling of the tickets that were issued.  

  • Speeding                            11,305 
  • Distracted Driving                912 
  • Seatbelt violations               916 
  • Move Over Law                    316
The results of the campaign in Southern Tier counties:
  • Speeding                             898 
  • Distracted Driving                78
  • Seatbelt violations               36
  • Move Over Law                    29