PA Rep. Pickett calls out Gov. Shapiro for raising energy costs and cutting energy job


(Harrisburg, PA) – PA state Rep. Tina Pickett (R-Bradford County) has called out Gov. Josh Shapiro is doubling down on his plan to hike energy taxes for Pennsylvania families while simultaneously cutting energy jobs across the Commonwealth.

Pickett said Shapiro has decided to appeal a Commonwealth Court decision that voided Pennsylvania’s entrance into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a multi-state energy tax program that would increase costs for all Pennsylvania residents to light and heat our homes and businesses.

The decision to enter Pennsylvania into RGGI was made exclusively and unilaterally by former Gov. Tom Wolf and his administration. The court found the action to be an overstep in executive power. The state Legislature is the branch of government charged with making laws.

Rep Tina Pickeett

“I am hopeful the Pennsylvania Supreme Court will uphold the lower court ruling, for the sake of our friends and neighbors who work in the energy industry and for all of us who are dealing with rising energy costs,” said Pickett.

“We remain ready, willing and able to find a sound path forward for Pennsylvania’s energy development in a way that respects our families, as well as the overall economic health of the Commonwealth.”