Pearl Harbor remembrances planned for Thursday at Owego VFW Post 1371


Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is Thursday, Dec. 7, at 12:55 p.m. – time of the surprise attack Hawaii time – at the Glenn A. Warner Post 1371 Veterans of Foreign Wars in the Delmar Dale Sibley (KIA  on Battleship USS Arizona) Memorial Hall.  

Four Pearl Harbor Survivor families will speak to commemorate the day etched in history that changed the lives of many, including those in our own community.
At 12:55 p.m. the community is asked to pause in solemn remembrance.
Reflect on the sacrifice of our servicemen and civilians. Also acknowledge the five Tioga County servicemen who were present at Pearl Harbor.
Among them, Seaman First Class Delmar Dale Sibley, still aboard the Battleship USS Arizona, witnessed the unimaginable as the ship tore apart.
Survivor Bill Kennedy at Hickam Field, Marine Lester Dunham at Pearl Harbor and Army Sergeant Richard Hopkins at Schofield Barracks displayed incredible heroism, rescuing and caring for their comrades.
It’s important to recognize the silent struggles of those who returned home but chose not to speak of their wartime experiences for years. What compelled them to keep those memories locked away?
Flags are half staff from dawn until sunset at the Tioga County Veterans Memorial.
VFW Honor Guard Bugler Steve Palinosky opens the VFW remembrance program with the National Anthem. The Pastor of the United Methodist Church Reverend Nancy Adams offers the invocation and later the Recessional. VFW Commander Mack Riggs extends the welcome.
Commander Matthew A. Noble of DCMA Lockheed Martin-Owego and his helicopter officers will represent the US Navy. He’s a 2005 graduate of the US Navy Academy and of the 2020 Navy Postgraduate School.
T&K Communications President Gordon Ichikawa will remember his parents who lived on the West Coast when the war broke out. His mother Kiyo was one of 127,000 Japanese-Americans in concentration camps for three years. His father Thomas graduated Whitman College in Washington. He enlisted in the Army Dec. 8, 1941. In Italy combat, Tom was wounded, and received The Purple Heart and Bronze Star. He came home and founded T@K Communication with his son.
From 1996 to 1997 he was Commander of the Owego VFW.
As we honor the resilience of our community during World War II, let’s explore the challenges faced on the home front. How did the families cope with the uncertainty and anxiety? How did Owego rally together in support?
On December 7, we remember not only the events of Pearl Harbor but also the strength and unity that emerged from the ashes of that tragic day.
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