Sayre’s rained out ‘Summer Splash Block Party’ rescheduled for this Friday


(Sayre, PA) – Sayre’s Summer Splash has been rescheduled. The rained out Block Party of June 23rd has been rescheduled for Friday, July 28th. The dedication of the murals will take place at 6:00 in Chacona Alley by the murals. (Behind the Elks parking lot on S. Elmer Ave.)

These two murals will be dedicated July 28th.

TV of the Future

This mural was originally painted in 1972 by Richard Bailey of Sayre. He was asked by the owners of the building to paint “what you think a TV will look like in the future.” Bailey created what we now know to be a flat screen. He incorporated the colored pixels that were a branding element in Zenith TV’s, the kind of televisions the appliance store sold. The one element that gives away the link to the past is the small antennas that are on top of the TV, otherwise he did a remarkable job predicting the shape of TV’s to come.

By 2023, this mural was greatly faded, but the design was so interesting, the mural committee of Friends of Sayre Public Art decided to refurbish the mural. Two talented local artists, Erik Franklin and Kevin Heath with permission from the original artist, the building owner and Sayre Borough, recreated the mural as it was when it was originally painted.”

Giant Octopus

Friends of Sayre Public Art will be creating an art filled area in town to be known as Artist Alley. This two block section of the Chacona Lane alley will be full of colorful, whimsical art to surprise and delight those who will walk or drive the space. Art large and small will be part of the area that would otherwise be just the bland backs of buildings. This Giant Octopus mural is the first original piece to be installed here. It is a whimsical piece designed to be just a beautiful piece of art.

The artist, Tivon Ligouri, is from Athens and is our youngest muralist to date.  Tivon is a 21-year college senior. Tivon has not had any formal art training past high school. He has always loved to draw and hopes to create more murals in the future. Tivon says, “The elements within the picture don’t have any specific rhyme or reason to them. I wanted this mural to act as a seed in the revitalization of the alley, compelling other artists from all over to create other works. I believed that something colorful, bright and fantastical would help raise morale after the particularly difficult last couple of years the area has endured.”

We hope you will be able to enjoy the events planned for July 28th in downtown Sayre, and do stop by to meet our artists and see these great pieces of art in Artist Alley. The dedication will take place at 6:00 PM.