48 Construction Area Accidents Reported This Season


For commuters, there are only two seasons in New York, Winter and Construction. With the height of construction season in full swing, the New York State Police and DOT are reminding drivers to “move over”. So far this year, New York State Police in Kirkwood report 48 car accidents in construction zones. There were a total of 36 accidents last year. State police say more construction is the cause for an increase in accidents. The law says if you see flashing lights, motorists should reduce their speed, and are required to move to the opposite lane of travel, but only if it can be done safely. The courtesy should be extended to disabled vehicles as well. The two main reasons for the accidents are driver’s not paying attention, and unsafe speeds. The DOT says you should leave four seconds between you and the driver in front you; don’t speed though zones whether workers are present or not; and merge as soon as possible, which helps traffic run smoother. DOT officials say their concern is for the overall safety of both workers, and drivers.

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