Lockheed Martin Hits Helicopter System Milestone


Lockheed Martin has successfully delivered the 300th Common Cockpit, the nerve center for every multi-mission helicopter in the U.S. Navy fleet, aboard an MH-60S.
The Common Cockpit is the hub of all activity aboard MH-60R and MH-60S aircraft.
Four large, flat-panel, multi-function, night-vision-compatible, color display screens provide the crew with instant information on everything from weather to weapons and sensors.
“The Common Cockpit reduces workload and increases situational awareness for MH-60R and MH-60S crews,” said George Barton, director of Naval Helicopter programs at Lockheed Martin.
“Having a common cockpit also reduces the logistics footprint and total ownership cost to the Navy.”
Upcoming improvements to the Common Cockpit will include the addition of the Situational Awareness Technology Insertion (SATI) package, which is a set of upgrades to the flight management system.
A new integrated digital map will provide pilots with a clear picture of their operating area, and an upgrade to the Identification Friend-or-Foe system will ensure there is no interference during transmission and that it is interoperable with the Federal Aviation Administration and other agencies.

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