Owego's People's Voice Party Discusses Platform


The People’s Voice Party gathered Wednesday at Draper Park to talk about its platform.
Melody Patterson, Nathan Kennedy and Jason Fritz are party members running for trustee positions on the village board.
A few of their major ideas are unity in village government and all its branches.
They want to bring respect to the village.
They also say they stand behind Owego’s fire and police departments.
One thing that they would also like to see is the village sell treated waste water to natural gas drilling companies who need the fluid for hydro-fracking operations.
Nathan Kennedy says, “Selling effluent can be a win-win situation that potentially could bring in tens of millions of dollars. It requires no investment by the village in terms of taxpayer money. We would be able to control industrialization going on instead of it happening just outside the village limits and trucks coming through without contributing anything to our economy.”
Jason Fritz says, “I’d like to see Owego become a more stable place to live. I see lots of run down homes that need to be repairs. I see problems with roads. I just want to do what’s best for my community.”
Owego’s election is March 15th.

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