Taylor Garbage Proposes New Facility


A prominent waste management company in the Southern Tier is preparing to move and upgrade its facilities.  Taylor Garbage wants to move its processing station in Owego to a large empty lot off Route 434.  The station is currently on Glenmary Drive in the Town of Owego. The Tioga County Planning Board voted to recommend the drafted site plans to the Town of Owego Planning Board last night.
It’s a multi-million dollar project that will include a single-stream recycle facility. This means you wouldn’t have to continue to sort your recycling. All types of recycling can go into the truck bed, which then get sorted at the plant.  The new facility would also create 10 to 15 jobs.
The site plans now have to be approved by the Town of Owego Planning Board.  If it passes, the Town of Owego board will have to vote to extend the water and sewer districts.  Taylor Garbage, hopes to have the facility in full operation in late September.

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