Tioga Arts Council to Record Girls-Only Podcast for WEBO


Tioga Arts Council is recruiting participants for its second edition of Sound Effect. In recognition of the dynamic intersection of the arts, creativity, and technology, TAC is recruiting participants for a girls-
only, podcasting and service-learning program called Sound Effect.

Currently, TAC is seeking six girls, ages 13 – 18, to participate in this new program. The program is free and filled on a “first-time, first-served” basis prior to December 23. Sound Effect will be structured as a 12-week program in which participants commit to meeting approximately 4 hours per week for 10 weeks to create a two-part podcast about an issue facing women, Tioga County, or both.

Once the podcasts are created and recorded, they will air on WEBO for two consecutive weeks. Key activities of this program will include:

  • Attending a luncheon presentation with community and nonprofit leaders to learn about issues affecting Tioga County, women, or both;
  • Identifying and choosing an issue to focus a three-part podcast series on;
  • Learning about the podcast as a technological medium for communication;
  • Developing a podcast series with emphasis on idea development, scripting, and interviewing;
  • Gaining skills related to the technical development of the podcast, including: recording, editing, and final production both at TCCA and WEBO Radio Station;
  • Finalizing the two-part podcast series and reflecting on their experience in the program.

Currently, TAC is seeking participants to sign-up between now and December. The program is scheduled to begin in January 2019.

[su_note]For additional information, please contact: Christina Di Stefano, Executive Director, Tioga Arts Council, 607.687.0785, [email protected][/su_note]