Update: Barton Man Dead after Shooting


A Tioga County man is dead after a shooting in the Town of Barton, near Bonham Road at around 6PM Saturday.
The Sheriff’s Office says Dustin Charles, 21, of Halsey Valley and Christopher Preston, 36, of Brooktondale were target shooting when a gun went off, hitting Charles.
Preston tried to call 911, but because of poor cell service in the area he drove Charles to a nearby home where the owners called for help.
Charles was pronounced dead at the scene and transported to Lourdes Hospital for an autopsy.
Charles was a former student at Spencer Vanetten High School and lives on Halsey Valley Road.
Police have not indicated who was holding the gun when Charles was shot.
The Tioga County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. There is no information on whether charges have been filed or not.
The Sheriff’s Office expects to comment further sometime Monday.

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