Tioga Public Health: Schumacher honored as employee of 4th quarter


(Owego, NY) – Congratulations to Lisa Schumacher for being named the 2022 Employee of the 4th Quarter for Tioga County Public Health.

Lisa started at Tioga County Public Health on May 1, 2000 as a Typist, working within the Home Care Agency. In 2007 into 2008, Lisa stepped up for the team and worked out-of-title during an extended vacancy of the Sr. Typist position, and was compensated by the Legislature along with their appreciation. She transitioned into our Primary & Preventive department in 2013. In January 2017, she took over the support role for Environmental Health as an Office Specialist I.

Lisa is the backbone of our Environmental Health Team where she keeps things organized and moving along from day to day. Some of Lisa’s most important tasks include processing food permits for restaurants and other food vendors, scheduling Healthy Neighborhoods visits, and organizing
everything needed for our rabies vaccination clinics.

Lisa not only values the work that she does for our department, but she also cares deeply for her coworkers (especially her Environmental Health Team). She’s always there to lend a helping hand and sincerely cares about us all. She brings so much positively to our department through her party planning, birthday recognitions, and by making sure there are frequent treats available for us all.

Some comments from Lisa’s coworkers include that she does a great job learning new tasks, her reliability is hard to find and that she is always someone we can count on, and that she likes getting things done, particularly in Environmental Health, but has been increasingly involved in other areas of
the department. She is the decorator of seasons, keeps morale up with candies, cards, and other thoughtful things for team members. She is appreciated much more than she knows.