Trial Date Set for Man Accused of Killing Unborn Child


A trial date has been scheduled in the strange case of a New York State pharmacist who is accused of killing his unborn child.
To make the case even more unusual, the man is now married to the woman who was carrying the couple’s child.
38-year-old Orbin Tercero, who lives in Bath, is charged in Bradford County, PA with murder of an unborn child. Tercero is accused of inserting a drug into his girlfriend during sexual intercourse that caused her to miscarry. He was allegedly engaged to another woman at the time, but has since married the woman who was carrying the unborn child.
Bradford County District Attorney Dan Barrett says this case is unlike anything he has ever seen. Jury selection will begin on Jan. 24.
Tercero faces life in prison without parole if convicted. He still holds his pharmacy license in New York State, since the crime he is accused of occurred in Sayre.

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