U-E Schools Face $5 Million Budget Gap


NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed budget that includes cuts to education funding are contributing to an estimated $5 million dollar budget gap for the Union Endicott School District.  Union-Endicott Superintendent Suzanne McLeod outlined a series of reductions and cuts totaling nearly $4.5 million to fill an estimated $5 million budget gap last night.
If approved as is by the Board of Education, the proposal calls for Linneaus West Elementary School to close, extracurricular activities to be slashed by a third, and for all district employees to take a pay freeze.
All of this has teachers concerned about the quality of education, and opportunities for students down the road.  McLeod described the situation as a dichotomy between funding and expectations of students and the community.  A preliminary approval hearing is scheduled for April 18, followed by a public hearing on May 10. Final approval is slated for May 17.
To see a presentation of Wednesday night’s presentation, Click here.

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