VIDEO: Sayre Theatre to show premiere of ‘Winners Circle Project’ documentary


(Sayre, PA) – Winners Circle Project (WCP) is thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated premiere of its captivating documentary, “FROM ZERO TO A HUNDRED.

Directed by the talented Matteo Banfo, the film chronicles the incredible impact of WCP’s innovative STEAM-based educational program. The film will premiere on Friday, June 16 from 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM at the historic Sayre Theatre in Sayre, Pa.

“FROM ZERO TO A HUNDRED” is a poignant and inspirational feature-length
film that unveils the transformative journey of high school students engaged in the Winners Circle Project. Through a project-based curriculum, these students construct a Factory Five vehicle from the ground up, learning valuable skills along the way.


The documentary delves into the origins of the program and showcases the students’ resilience during the challenges faced amidst the pandemic, highlighting their remarkable ability to adapt and succeed.

The film embraces the power of collaboration, determination, and creativity, shedding light on the profound impact the Winners Circle Project has had on the lives of students. From overcoming obstacles to achieving success, “FROM ZERO TO A HUNDRED” delivers a compelling narrative that intertwines self-empowerment and leadership.

Director Matteo Banfo expressed his awe-inspiring experience working on
the documentary, stating, “We captured over 200 hours of footage,
interviewed more than 50 people, and spent one year in the editing room
to ensure we properly tell the stories of these two high schools, their
struggles, and successes during one of the most challenging chapters in
our history.”

Mawejje “Pius” Kayiira, the Founder and Executive Director of the Winners Circle Project, envisions inspiring the next generation of innovators and creative thinkers through project-based learning. Kayiira shared his passion, stating, “We cultivate entrepreneurs, build relationships, and provide career opportunities through motorsports. It doesn’t get more real than that.”

The documentary features Pius Kayiira, students Michaela Spencer, CJ
Riker, Sage Garrison, Alivia Barrett, and Kaden Gonzalez, Superintendent
Dr. Eric Knolls, and Tech Teacher Fred Mills. Joining them is Michael
Spencer, an inspirational role model and the father of Michaela.

To catch a glimpse of the excitement, watch the official trailer of “FROM
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