Waverly village police issue scam warning on recent fradulent car decal advertising letter


(Waverly, NY) – Waverly Police Department took a report from a village resident who received a letter from a fraudulent company wanting to pay him to have vinyl decals installed on his vehicle as a form of advertising.

The company sent a fraudulent check along with poorly- worded instructions to have the check deposited and then to quickly wire transfer a large portion of the money back to the company.

The village resident would be allowed to keep a small part of the deposit as payment for the vinyl decal advertising. The resident would continue to be paid in future installments in Amazon gift cards. Luckily, he knew this was a scam immediately and reached out to police.

Area residents should be on the lookout for these types of scams. Do not ever deposit a check from an unfamiliar source and always reach out to police with any questions or concerns.