VIDEO: Whatta ya think? Are you aggressive or the guy who cut you off?


PennDOT has reported speeding and other aggressive driving behaviors are among the leading factors of highway crashes and fatalities on Pennsylvania roadways. However, many motorists don’t realize they are in fact aggressive drivers.

Are you an Aggressive Driver?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may be an aggressive driver and are putting yourself, your passengers and other people on the road at increased risk of a crash.

  • Do you speed excessively?
  • Do you tailgate slower vehicles?
  • Do you race to beat red lights or run stop signs?
  • Do you weave in and out of traffic?
  • Do you pass illegally on the right?
  • Do you fail to yield the right of way to oncoming vehicles?

To deter aggressive drivers and make Pennsylvania’s highways safer, PennDOT works with Pennsylvania State and local police departments to conduct aggressive driving enforcement.

Tips for What to Do When You Encounter Aggressive Drivers

If you encounter an aggressive driver, PennDOT offers these tips for what to do:

  • Get out of their way and don’t challenge them.
  • Stay relaxed, avoid eye contact and ignore rude gestures.
  • Don’t block the passing lane if you are driving slower than most of the traffic.
  • Do not attempt to follow or pursue the vehicle. You or a passenger may call the police. But, if you use a cell phone, pull over to a safe location.

While many people associate aggressive driving with road rage, they are two different behaviors. Road rage, which is a criminal offense, is often the result of aggressive driving behavior that escalates into an assault with a vehicle or other dangerous weapon.


In 2021, there were 25,890 speeding-related crashes in Pennsylvania, resulting in 477 fatalities. Speeding is usually defined as driving in excess of the posted speed limit or driving too fast for conditions. It can have dangerous consequences including:

  • Reducing a driver’s ability to negotiate curves or maneuver around obstacles in the roadway;
  • Extending the distance traveled before a vehicle can stop;
  • Increasing the distance a vehicle travels while the driver reacts to a hazard;
  • Increasing the risk of crashes and injuries because other vehicles and pedestrians may not be able to judge distance correctly.

Be Safe PA

Speeding puts you, your passengers, and others on the road at risk. Slow down, save a life.