NY State Senator Sues Homeowner After Being Hurt While Trespassing


NY State Senator James Alesi of Rochester has filed suit against a homeowner this week.
Aparently Alesi was in a new home development, found an unlocked door, and entered a home under construction without permission.
Alesi used a ladder to climb between floors, fell off, and broke his leg.
The police asked the homeowner if he wished to prosecute Alesi for trespassing. The homeowner said let’s leave well enough alone.
The statute of limitations ran out on the trespassing offense this week, and Alesi filed suit against the homeowner and homebuilder seeking damages for his injuries.
Alesi has been heavily criticized for this action, but Alesi has survived criticism this before.
Several years ago, he petitioned to have a road rerouted from in front of his summer home to provide him with direct lakefront on Canandaigua Lake.

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