SUNY Student Group Supports Tuition Increases


Fearful that their university is going to soon be unable to deliver the same quality education that they had been receiving, a SUNY student group has begun to petition the State Legislature to allow SUNY to increase tuition gradually- rather than have tuition hiked up when the State Legislature needs money.
The Group points out that over the past two years SUNY has experienced a total budget reduction of $1.5 Billion and is up against another proposed $325M cut this budget cycle.
Because of this, SUNY is forced to make cuts in programs, resources, services and faculty.
They add Governor Cuomo recognizes the role that higher education, and specifically SUNY, will play in making New York the most competitive and innovative state in the country again.
However, groundbreaking research, innovation and progress are hampered when the University is operating on pennies.
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