Suspect in Corning Espionage Sentenced to 30 Months


A federal judge has sentenced a man who was involved with stealing industrial secrets from Corning Inc. and assisted in selling them to a rival Taiwan business 10 years ago.
A Corning employee offered blueprints for a glass manufacturing process that he’d stolen from a secure disposal bin at the Corning plant in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.
Yeong Lin brokered a meeting between the Corning employee and a PicVue Electronics intermediary.
PicVue subsequently traveled to Saint-Gobain Ceramics in Niagara Falls, N.Y., to purchase a part for the process.
Because of their prior relationship with Corning, the Niagara Falls based company recognized the part and alerted Corning to the possibility that its trade secrets had been compromised.
Corning alerted the Department of Justice.
Lin received a thirty month sentence in prison Tueday for the crime which occurred in 2000.

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