Animal Care Sanctuary Opens New $1.77M Community Clinic and Kennel


After a decade of dedicated hard work and selfless support from thousands of supporters, the Animal Care Sanctuary’s dream of a new community clinic and kennel has come true at 353 Sanctuary Hill Lane, East Smithfield, PA. On October 10, ACS officially unveiled this new $1.77 million facility to the public. This new facility greatly improves our quality of care and efficiency for our rescued animals.

Our original kennel was built in 1982 and at the time was considered state-of-the-art. It was long and narrow, and each dog had an indoor and outdoor run with doors that allowed it to move freely inside to outside, weather permitting. There was a wide center aisle and drainage ditches in order to clean efficiently every day. In the 30+ years since our kennel was built, we continued to see it deteriorate to the point where the dog warden deemed a portion unusable. We know now the needs of shelter dogs are much different.
Today, the canine runs are separated by concrete walls instead of fencing, which better separates our dogs and reduces noise – leading to decreased stress and happier canines. The new kennel also features meet-and-greet rooms where individuals and their families can meet dogs privately in a home-like setting to better gauge whether the canine could be the right fit for them.
The clinic we were previously working out of was a mobile home located over 200 feet from the kennel and cattery. Our animals, even sick animals and surgical patients, needed to be transported outdoors, often in inclement weather. Add to this, that the Animal Care Sanctuary has some 200+ animals in our care at any given time, and that all of these animals get vaccinated, checked for parasites and disease, spayed or neutered, and micro-chipped for identification so that they are healthy and ready for adoption.
However, the new clinic massively improves the working conditions of our vet staff. In addition to having more space, multiple operating rooms ensure quicker, more efficient procedures and improved care for both our rescued animals and our community seeking spay/neuter surgeries, wellness exams and vaccine administration.

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