Bradford Rep. Pickett reminds constitutents of ballot questions in Tuesday’s election

Voters registered as Republicans, Democrats, Independents, other third parties or no party affiliation are all eligible and encouraged to take part in the May 18 primary election, where you will have the opportunity to vote on four important ballot questions.

Two of the ballot questions propose amendments to the state Constitution to address the state’s handling of future disaster emergency declarations. I voted to put these questions on the ballot because I believe they will restore the foundational system of checks and balances that has been missing over the past year during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure you, the people, have a voice in how we deal with similar situations in the future.

A third question also proposes to amend the Constitution to add protections to the Declaration of Rights to specifically prohibit the denial or limitation of a person’s rights based on race or ethnicity.

The fourth question is a referendum asking voters to weigh in on whether an existing low-interest loan program that benefits volunteer emergency services organizations should be expanded to include municipal fire departments and ambulance companies that are staffed with paid personnel rather than volunteers.