Candor Emergency Squad Faces Potentially Life-Threatening Ambulance Decisions


FROM: Candor Emergency Squad. We are in trouble financially that could impact ambulance services in the Town of candor. We have a town meeting set up on January 14 to educate the community about the situation.

Bottom line – we service an average of 600 calls a year. In 2020, we were not able to get a crew (driver and or EMT) to cover about 100 of those calls. Because of this, we have had to start hiring drivers and medics.

With a total of 8 active volunteer members running an average of 600 calls a year, there are times when the squad members are not available to go on an ambulance call. With jobs, families, sickness and for whatever other reason, sometimes it’s just impossible with only 8 active volunteer members. This is a serious problem. Unfortunately, when we cannot get a crew to fill a call it may take up to an additional 30 minutes for an ambulance from another town to get to you.

Candor Emergency Squad does not get any tax money from the town or county. It operates solely on donations, billing, fundraisers and grants received. By mid summer, we will no longer have the money to pay employees or keep the business going.

Our first step to asking for help was going to the Town of Candor. They said they cannot help us with the amount needed in 2021 but will be able to help in 2022. That will be too late. So we are asking the community for help.
Kelly Starkweather