Fall foliage emerges across Adirondacks, Catskills and Thousand Islands-Seaway

Vibrant fall colors continue to appear and spread throughout most of the Adirondacks, Catskills and Thousand Islands-Seaway regions, with signs of the spectacular seasonal colors to come in a few parts of the Chautauqua-Allegheny and Central New York regions, according to volunteer observers for the Empire State Development Division of Tourism’s I LOVE NY program.
In the Adirondacks, Franklin County spotters in Tupper Lake are expecting significant color change this weekend, with up to 40% transition and leaves heading toward midpoint of change. Look for a rosy, mustard glow marking the landscape, with the leaves transitioning to goldenrod, maize, saffron, ginger, scarlet, cranberry and raspberry. In addition to the great foliage views at The Wild Center, the Tupper Lake Triad of Mount Arab, Goodman Mountain and Coney Mountain provide incredible vistas and are relatively easy climbs. Saranac Lake observers are predicting up to 25% color change with increasing pockets of reds, yellows, and oranges appearing, and a few trees that have completely changed color. Look for the most significant changes in trees along waterways and marshes, with more orange and yellow in the mix, while wooded areas are still predominantly green. Spotters reporting from Mountain View project 10% color change, with some shades of yellow and pops of orange starting to appear on the mostly green trees.  
In Essex County, Lake Placid foliage observers are predicting that 20-25% of the leaves will have changed color by the weekend, with emerging pops of red and orange against the mostly green backdrop. At Whiteface Mountain, color change should be closer to 10% with some bright touches of red. Spotters checking in from Schroon Lake and Newcomb are predicting 15% color change with shades of red, yellow and orange popping out in higher elevations. Reports from the Whiteface region of Wilmington, Jay and Au Sable Forks predict 15% color change with some muted shades of red and yellow. The eastern and southern portions of the region will only be about 5% change, with green leaves still dominating the landscape.
Herkimer County spotters in Old Forge expect 25% color change marked by burgundy and red leaves, along with some emerging yellows and oranges. In Hamilton County, leaf change is coming on stronger in areas near rivers and lakes. Reports from Lake Pleasant expect 15% color change, with average shades of yellow and red quickly appearing. In the Adirondacks portion of St. Lawrence County, spotters in Piercefield predict 15% color change with purple leaves of average brilliance dominating the autumn foliage, along with some reds and yellows.
Foliage change continues in the Catskills, with Delaware County spotters in Delhi calling for between 10% and 20% color change by the weekend. Tiny pops of red are emerging from some Judas trees, complemented by some brilliant spots of purple within the mostly green landscape. Color change will be about 10% around the Walton area of the county, with touches of orange and yellow appearing over the mostly green backdrop.
In Ulster County, spotters at Belleayre Mountain Ski Area in Highmount predict 15% color change this weekend with mostly muted burnt orange leaves. In Kingston, look for a little more than 10% color change with touches of red. Sullivan County spotters from the hamlet of Swan Lake, located in the town of Liberty, project up to 15% color change and average fall colors just beginning to show. About 20 miles to the south, foliage observers in Forestburgh are expecting less than 10% color transition, with leaves still in the early stages of change. Look for about 10% color change in the higher elevations of Greene County, with touches of red, and the goldenrod in bloom.
Foliage change is accelerating in the Thousand Islands – Seaway region. In Oswego County, expect 15% leaf change this weekend, with some fall colors of red and orange emerging. St. Lawrence County foliage spotters in Louisville predict up to 15% color change, with shades of red and yellow beginning to appear. Jefferson County foliage spotters reporting from the Thousand Islands Bridge on Wellesley Island predict up to 10% color change this weekend, with yellow leaves and touches of red leaves making their debut.
In Central New York, spotters near the Erie Canal Towpath in Chittenango predict up to 15% color change for the weekend, with increasing shades of yellow.
In the Chautauqua-Allegheny region, Cattaraugus County spotters in Little Valley are predicting 10% foliage change this weekend, with bright pops of yellow just beginning to appear. Up to 10% color change is also expected in Chautauqua County, according to spotters in Chautauqua.
Other areas and regions of the state expect less than 10% color change.