COVID-Fatigued Residents Find Refuge on Diahoga Trail in Sayre and Athens

A year ago this month, construction was completed on the Diahoga Trail in Sayre and Athens boroughs. The trail was a project initiated and led by Futurescapes, a local non-profit organization, after the flood of 2011.

The completed project allows an easier and safer trek along the river, however area residents have long been using this path on the western bank of the Susquehanna River. A new sign, created by Binghamton University’s Archeology Department and located near the pavilion at Sayre’s Riverfront Park, notes ancient people lived and walked along the Susquehanna River bank for many years. More recently, locals have created a user-made path along the bank for walking their dogs or just viewing the river.

While those who had been using the path regularly appreciated the upgrade that was made last year, others who had never walked along the river soon discovered the convenience and beauty of the new trail. When COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders were given in March, people were relieved to have an opportunity to be active and also to interact with friends in a safe environment. The Diahoga Trail became a go-to destination for meeting with friends and family for exercise or quiet contemplation of the beauty of the river.

Those who walk along the trail have noticed more upgrades in the past few months. The Carantouan Greenway has installed tree markers that allow users to identify trees by going to the Greenway’s website at and clicking on Tree Trails.

Eight park benches have been installed and one more will soon be placed along the trail. The Diahoga Trail Team is thankful for the generous donors of the benches. A few of the benches were placed close to the Sayre Riverfront Park trail head to allow easy access for those who have difficulty walking far on the path, and another is at the top of the river bank near the handicap accessible ramp at the Athens trail head.

Another welcome addition to the trail will be two dog waste receptacles that include bag dispensers. Hikers can also expect quarter-mile marker signs to be added before winter.

Athens and Sayre Boroughs have graciously taken on the responsibility of maintaining the trails. They appreciate hikers notifying them of any dangerous obstructions they find while walking, including animal holes or newly fallen trees or branches. It should be noted that there is no winter maintenance of the trail regarding snow removal, but the trail will remain open dawn to dusk all year long.

Rules of the trail include no motorized vehicles, no alcoholic beverages or drugs, and pets are to be leashed. For a complete list of trail rules and more information about the trail, please visit and click on Diahoga Trail. Questions or concerns about the trail may be addressed to Linda Politi at [email protected]