Drug Take Back Day is Saturday in Tioga County; How you can get rid of medications

What is National Drug Take Back Day? National Drug Take Back day is a day recognized nationwide by the DEA and
communities throughout the United States that provides a safe way for members of the community to properly dispose of any unused medications.

If you are looking to safely dispose of your medications in Tioga County, you can drop it off on April 24th from 10am to 2pm at CASA-Trinity at 72 North Ave., Owego or the Spencer Fire Department at 41 N. Main St., Spencer.

Find Tioga County ASAP Coalition on Facebook for more details @Tiogaasap or visit tiogaasap.org.

National Drug Take Back Day also educates the public on
potential medication abuse and the importance of proper medication disposal.

When we become sick, the first thing
we do is look to medicine to relieve our
symptoms. Whether you are experiencing
allergy symptoms and you reach for
something in your medicine cabinet such as
over the counter Benadryl, or for pain your
provider prescribes something such as
Hydrocodone, medications help to improve
our quality of life. While medications can
help us in many ways, it is also important to
recognize that they must be used
appropriately and as prescribed. When
medications are misused, they can be
Our country is currently
experiencing an opioid crisis. Many people
die daily due to the misuse of medications.
Misusing medication can include taking
medicine intended for someone else, taking
your own medicine in a way not intended by
your doctor, or taking a medication to get
What can you do to help? You can
keep your medications in a safe place such
as somewhere with a lock away from others.
Encourage your family and friends to also
lock up their medicine or keep it in a safe
Another way you can help is keeping
track of your medications and refills. Know
how many pills are in your prescription
bottles and be aware of when it is time to
Lastly, make sure to properly dispose
of any medications that may be expired or
unwanted. This means not throwing any
medications in the trash, flushing them
down the toilet, or dumping them down the
drain. The best way to dispose of any
medications is to take them to a drug
collection box or a local drug take back
Something as simple as properly
disposing of your expired or unwanted
medications can make a difference. By
doing so, you are not only protecting
yourself, but you are also protecting your
loved ones. Take part in the change, save
lives and help to ensure medications are
being used and disposed of appropriately.