Former CHOICE 102 award winner and Guthrie surgeon running for PA governor

A former CHOICE 102 FM award-winner as “individual of the year” has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination to run for governor of Pennsykvania in the November 2022 election. Dr. Nche Zama, who received the CHOICE FM award in 2002 while on the medical staff at Guthrie, made the announcement with this statement:

“For too long, Pennsylvania has been sick. Our economy, schools, and healthcare system have been broken for years while Harrisburg remains in a coma. Pennsylvania should have a trillion-dollar economy that is globally competitive and strongly supported by world-class schools and a top-notch healthcare system. As an ardent supporter of educational, technological, business and healthcare excellence, I am running for governor to lead the charge and address these and other ills confronting this great Commonwealth.”, said Zama.

Zama is a nationally recognized cardiothoracic surgeon. Besides his tenure at Guthrie, Zama has been on the medical staff at Lehigh Valley Hospital – Pocono in East Stroudsburg, Aria Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, York Hospital in York. He currently lives in the Poconos.
“Just like you, I see what is going on in Harrisburg. It’s broken. Throughout my career, I have led high-performance teams to strive for excellence while embracing a patient-centered philosophy. We identify a problem, propose a solution, implement life-saving measures, monitor the results, and achieve success! As Governor, I will lead the best teams to transform Pennsylvania into a globally competitive force that serves the people of this Commonwealth,” said Zama.
Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, is prohibited by the state constitution from running for a third term.