Guthrie vaccinates 10,000th patient at Elmira Street Clinic site; appointments online


Guthrie’s COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic in Sayre celebrated a milestone recently. Ina Mae Englebert from Nichols, NY, received her COVID vaccine from Janine Dodge, RN, Guthrie, making her the 10,000th patient vaccinated at Guthrie’s Elmira Street Clinic.  

Guthrie has administered more than 30,000 doses of the vaccine throughout its system and continues to work to meet community vaccination needs, but supply remains limited, and distribution unpredictable. Guthrie will not open scheduling for vaccine clinics until additional shipment of the vaccine is received, often leaving less than 24 hours to notify patients. Due to the quick turnaround, Guthrie, as well as all other regional and state entities administering vaccine, have found that the fastest way to notify patients of available appointments is through the internet. Guthrie will notify the community via The Guthrie Clinic Facebook page and on as soon as appointments are available.

Dr. Michael Scalzone, Chief Quality Officer, Guthrie said, “We understand that not everyone has internet access to receive notifications or to schedule an appointment so we are encouraging community members with those resources and skills to reach out to friends, family, and neighbors who may need assistance.”

Vaccines require an appointment and walk-ins will not be accepted. The easiest way to sign up for available appointments, when scheduling opens, is through eGuthrie. For those without an eGuthrie account, signing up is easy at

For a comprehensive list of all those included in the current phases, click the links below: 

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