Ithaca Police Chief Nayor Issues Warning to Pending Protestors on the Commons

Ithaca police reported this vandalism earlier this month outside police headquarters.

As the Police Chief for the City of Ithaca, I have been made aware that a large rally is scheduled for this Saturday on the Commons and simultaneously, a counter-protest is also rumored to be occurring. I am also aware that acts of aggression and non-peaceful activities have occurred as recently as last Friday at another local rally. I have received reports that this type of unlawful behavior has been indicated to occur again at Saturday’s rally in Ithaca, and it is completely unacceptable.

Support for any position must occur peacefully and if any participant from either side has any intent other than peacefully demonstrating, then I implore you to stay home. As we at the Ithaca Police Department have done for the past 19 weeks, we continue to support peoples’ First Amendment right to peacefully assemble in protest, but we will not tolerate acts of violence or vandalism. The weekly demonstrations have devolved from peaceful gatherings to destructive protests and this is dangerous, harmful, and completely counterproductive to the well-being of our community.

I have reached out to organizers and affiliates from all parties urging peaceful assemblage. Despite our best collective effort, however, we in law enforcement cannot guarantee safety at non-permitted events such as rotests, so please take this fact into serious consideration as
both organizers or attendees.

Chief Dennis Nayor

Ithaca Police Department