Liz Terwilliger campaign installs Hygiene Pantry outside Mad Hatters in Athens


Liz and Chris Terwilliger, of Warren Center, installed a permanent Community Hygiene Pantry outside Mad Hatters Café and Co-op in Athens on Wednesday. Terwilliger is a Libertarian candidate for congress in the 12th District. Liz Terwilliger’s campaign committee conducted a Hygiene Products Drive in March and distributed the donated items in a Pop-Up Pantry in April.

Inspired by the mini food pantry outside Becky’s Diner in Waverly, Liz contacted Terry Johnston of Mad Hatters Cafe and Co-Op about hosting a permanent hygiene pantry outside their
building. The pantry itself is a discarded refurbished dresser.  Liz stocked the cabinet with Personal Hygiene products like toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, soap, shampoo, deodorant, wipes, hand sanitizer and a few odds and ends, like hair ties.
Liz Terwilliger is a Libertarian, which is much about efforts like this community hygiene pantry. “Libertarians believe in seeking community solutions to problems rather than always
looking to the government,” Liz emphasized. “We highlight the importance of personal initiative and individual action. This project puts that philosophy into action.”
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