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Mail Reportedly Missing from Newark Valley Mailboxes; Get Your Mail Everyday

Newark Valley officials have learned several residents have reported mail stolen from their mailboxes this past week. The Tioga County Sheriffs Department has been notified and is currently investigating. Newark Valley officials ask all residents to be diligent about collecting mail on a daily basis. if you see something or someone out of the ordinary around yours or your neighbors mailboxes, contact the sheriff’s department. If you have been waiting for a particular piece of mail and have yet to receive it, contact the sender immediately, especially if the item is banking related.

The USPS offers a website/app that informs you every day via email as to what will be arriving in your mail box. It’s a great service that also keeps you up to date on package arrival and with the holidays coming that can be helpful as well. You can sign up for the free service at…/intro/start.action

As always we ask everyone to be safe, be smart, be aware and help keep our small community as safe as possible.