NY’s senators: Schumer approval rating at 20-year low; Gillibrand’s rating at 10-year low


41% of New York’s registered voters think Sen. Chuck Schumer is doing either an excellent (15%) or good
(26%) job in office, according the latest Marist Poll. This is Schumer’s lowest approval rating since March 2000. At that time, Schumer’s approval rating was 39%.

52% of voters report Schumer is doing either a fair (23%) or poor (29%) job.

Schumer maintains majority approval (57%) among Democrats but falls short among Republicans (17%) and
non-enrolled voters (33%) across the state.

Gillibrand Approval Rating Upside Down
36% of New York’s voters think Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is doing either an excellent (8%) or good (28%) job in office. Gillibrand’s approval rating is her lowest since the end of October 2010. At that time, 36% also thought she
was doing well in her post. 45% of voters rate her job performance as fair (27%) or poor (18%). Nearly one in
five voters are unsure (18%).

Democrats have a lukewarm opinion of how Gillibrand is performing. 50% say she is doing an above average
job while 33% disagree. 17% are unsure. 18% of Republicans and 30% of non-enrolled voters say she is doing an excellent or good job.