Officer K-9 Egon on the Street with Chemung County Sheriff’s Deputy Pirozzolo


K-9 Egon with Deputy Patrick Pirozzolo / Photo courtesy of Chemung County Sheriff’s Officer

Chemung County Sheriff’s Office has added a new officer to their ranks. K-9 Egon, a 18-month year old Malinois, replaces K-9 Eiger who retired earlier this month. Egon is certified by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services as a Patrol, Tracking and Narcotics Detection K-9 and will assist in matters involving lost or missing persons, combating the flow of dangerous drugs and aiding in the tracking and apprehension of suspects.

Egon’s first day on the job was November 13, when he and hs handler were assigned to Operation Take Back the Streets. This is an anti-crime initiative awarded to the Sheriff’s Office through the Department of Justice. The Chemung County Sheriff’s Office in a collaborative effort
with all area law enforcement agencies are working together to combat drug trafficking and violent crime.

Not only will this team be a valuable asset to the Sheriff’s Office, but also as a tool made available to all Law enforcement in the region. Egon’s handler, Deputy Patrick Pirozzolo, has been a member of the Sheriff’s Office since 2014 and has previous Police K-9 training and experience. This K-9 Team will be a great addition to the Sheriff’s Office in their efforts to better serve and protect the citizens of Chemung County.