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Owego-Apalachin Announces Reopening Plan, Parents Must Choose Enrollment

Dear OA Families: First, we’d like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we have been working to build a comprehensive plan for our students and staff for the 2020-2021 School Year. We are hopeful that school buildings will reopen in September, and we should know during the first week of August whether that will be the case. In preparation for the new school year, we are now asking you to make an enrollment decision for your child(ren). Please know that the plans below are as firm as they possibly can be, however, we know that things can change quickly, so understand that details may change in the coming weeks. We also know how important it is for families to have a solid plan for their children’s education and daily routines, and it is our goal to provide you with as much information and consistency as possible.

Based on the guidance set forth from the New York State Education Department, the New York State Department of Health and the Governor’s Office, the Owego Apalachin Central School District will be offering enrollment choices for all students for the 2020-2021 School Year. We have developed several resources that detail the descriptions of the choices at each grade level to assist parents in making this decision. Those resources can be found on our website here:

We know there are many factors that will be taken into consideration as you make the decision on whether to send your child(ren) to school, or choose virtual learning. These factors include transportation, health & safety and the academic schedule. Please review all of the information, as well as the choices for each grade level, before making your decision.

Your decision must be sustained for the first 10 weeks of the school year due to the complexities in meeting necessary social distancing guidelines set forth by the state. All enrollment decisions must be completed by Wednesday, August 5th at 9:00am. This will provide us ample time to plan. Please make your enrollment decision using the following form: (submit once for each of the students in your household)

Academic Schedules

*Please note that the schedules will be finalized once we have enrollment numbers. The specific arrival/dismissal/start times will be determined by bus routes and sent to parents later in August. This is the general framework. 

Elementary (PK-6) Schedule

Grades K, 1, 3, 5:

7:30 am – 1:30 pm

Grades 2, 4, 6:

8:30 am – 2:30 pm

*6th grade will attend school at OAMS

Universal Pre K Full Day:

8:30 am – 1:30 pm

*UPK is an in-person program only. There is no choice for UPK students within the decision form. Please contact us with any questions regarding UPK.

UPK AM Session (OES only):

8:30 am – 11:00 am

UPK PM Session (OES only):

12:00 pm – 2:30 pm


Elementary Student Options (Grades K-6):

Option a) In-Person Instruction – 5 days/week (Monday-Friday). Arrival & Dismissal times will be staggered

based on grade level.

Option b) Virtual Instruction – 5 days/week (Monday-Friday) Students will follow the time schedule listed for

their grade level. For example, if your child is in 2nd grade he/she will log into class from home via video conferencing at 8:30am and will participate with their class until 2:30pm.

Secondary Schedule (Grades 7-12):

The school day will run on a period-by-period schedule.


Period 1


Virtual (at home)

Period 2


Virtual (at home)

Travel to school – 10:00am-11:00am

Period 3



Period 4



Period 5



Lunch – 1:25pm-1:55pm

Period 6



Period 7




Secondary Student Options (Grades 7-12):

Option a) Hybrid Instruction – this is the in-person choice at the secondary level. Students will follow an alternating schedule including in-person and virtual instruction. In order to ensure appropriate social distancing in classrooms and hallways, we do not have the ability to bring all students into school every day. Attendance will be taken on both in-person and virtual days.

Hybrid Schedule: Students will be assigned to either the Red or Blue Team


Red in-person; Blue Virtual


Blue in-person, Red Virtual


All students are virtual


Red in-person; Blue Virtual


Blue in-person, Red Virtual

Option b) Virtual Instruction – Completely remote instruction, however students will follow the same Period Schedule as their classmates who are attending in-person courses. Students will virtually join each class in their schedule. Attendance will be taken on both in-person and virtual days.

Note: If the district were to be completely closed at any point during the school year, all students would switch to the 100% Virtual option, and follow their same exact schedule. 

Health & Safety Expectations

  • Students and Staff will be required to wear facial coverings at all times.

  • Students will operate in cohorts as much as possible.

  • Students will stay in classrooms as much as possible at both Elementary and Secondary Levels, while secondary students may see more movement during the school day.

  • Students/Parents and Staff will be asked to complete a wellness check each day before entering school property (including school buses). *More information on that will be forthcoming.

  • More details on the district’s Health & Safety Guidelines can be found on the Reopening OACSD page of our website and in our Reopening Plan.

Transportation Expectations

If your child(ren) will be attending school in-person this coming school year, you will need to make a decision on their transportation needs. Additionally, in order to help alleviate capacity concerns for social distancing, the district is asking and encouraging anyone who is able to transport your children to and from school. This will greatly help the district serve all students safely and efficiently.

A few items to note regarding transportation for the upcoming school year:

  • Students must ride the same bus to and from school, every day of the week.

  • Students will be registered to their bus based on your decision and will not be allowed to change buses unless it is a permanent change

  • Bus passes will not be permitted. If your child cannot ride home on their registered bus, they will need to be picked up at school.

  • In order to comply with the State requirements for social distancing, the capacity of each bus will be greatly reduced.

  • You will make your transportation decision on the enrollment decision form, if your child will be attending in-person school

Food Services

If your child(ren) will be learning virtually this school year, we will need to know if they need school meals (breakfast and lunch) delivered to your home. This option will be available to choose within the Enrollment Decision Form.

Once again, we want to thank you for your patience through this process. We know there will be many questions you will have regarding this plan. Please understand we have not finalized all of the necessary details to open school at this time. The overall goal of this communication is to provide you with a basic framework of how school will operate and ask for your enrollment decision. Your prompt response will allow us to finalize the details of our plans. Please make your enrollment decision using the following form. Click the link in order to submit your enrollment decision (You will need to submit this form once for each of the students in your household): . (If the form does not open automatically, either copy/paste into your browser or you can find the form on the reopening page of our website)

If you have any questions regarding this plan, please contact the district at (607)687-7307 x7777 and leave a detailed message. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and consideration.

**Please be sure to review the Reopening Plan Google Slides Presentation and the full *DRAFT* Reopening Plan, which can be found on our website, here: **