Retirements, COVID-19 Create Shortage of Tioga County Poll Workers and Election Inspectors. New Recruits Sought.


Tioga County, N.Y. — Retiring Poll Workers and Election Inspectors plus the prolonged nature of COVID-19 have affected the current team that works Early Voting and and Election Day. The Tioga County Board of Elections Commissioners, in recognition of January 25 being National Poll Worker Recruitment Day, encourages all residents who are registered voters to sign up to become poll workers/election inspectors for the 2022 primary and general election and beyond.

Serving as an election inspector is a great way to support the electoral process, give back to the community, as well as become more aware of the diligent scrutiny with specific procedures of checks and balances ensuring an honest and fair election. In addition, these election inspectors are paid for attending the mandatory annual training according to Election Law as well as for working Early Voting and or Election Day.

Interested voters are encouraged to contact the Tioga County Board of Elections at [email protected] or via phone at 607-687-8261 to be placed on the list for a mid-spring or summer training class.

National Poll Worker Recruitment Day was established by the U. S. Election Assistance Commission to encourage people to help America vote by signing up to be poll worker/election inspector. By encouraging more people to become poll workers/election inspectors in their communities, National Poll Worker Recruitment Day works to address a critical shortage of poll workers/election inspectors, strengthen democracy, and inspire greater civic engagement.