Sen. Akshar and Republican Conference Announces “Reset New York State” Plan

Sen. Fred Akshar / 52nd NY Senate District

ALBANY, NY – As state lawmakers return to Albany to begin a new session, the Senate Republican Conference unveiled a comprehensive vision to “Reset New York State.” The plan includes several components to address mounting economic and fiscal challenges facing the State — many of which were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic — and to help forge a better path forward for all New Yorkers.

“Throughout this pandemic, there seems to have been little interest from New York’s one-party leadership in stepping up and taking an active legislative role in constructively combating the pandemic by putting our communities’ safety and livelihoods at the forefront of legislative policy,” said Sen. Fred Akshar, 52nd District, including Tioga and Broome Counties.

“It’s not enough to complain about the inaction of those in power, we must offer solutions. That’s why I’m proud to join my colleagues in offering actual solutions to help us rise to meet the challenges ahead. I call on my colleagues across the political spectrum to join us as we work toward ending this terrible crisis and rebuilding our state for the better.”

Senate Republicans want to prioritize restarting local economies, rethinking how New York State operates and renewing a commitment to New York State’s residents to ensure strong, robust communities.

Restart our Local Economies by:
  • Safely reopening our small businesses to help them get back on their feet and offer gainful employment for residents;
  • Helping our schools and colleges stay open;
  • Investing in our physical and human infrastructure to rebuild our state’s competitiveness.

Rethink how New York State Operates by:

  • Ending New York State’s unaffordability problem, which has been made worse by the pandemic;
  • Taking on State government’s culture of overspending and restoring fiscal responsibility; and
  • Reasserting the Legislature’s constitutional authority as an equal branch of government.

Renew our Commitment to Residents by:

  • Fostering the growth of vibrant local communities;
  • Developing a robust economy with diverse opportunities; and
  • Creating safer neighborhoods with common sense public safety measures.

“Under New York’s one-party control, we have seen a dramatic and unwelcome shift in our state’s priorities. Democrats displayed no interest in rebuilding our local economy, lessening the financial burden on our middle class, or stemming the ever-increasing outflow of New York residents fleeing our state. They sought to release dangerous criminals into our communities, undermine our law enforcement, and waste millions of dollars on progressive agenda items. The COVID-19 pandemic has only highlighted the need for immediate action on the unresolved challenges facing our small business community and New York’s hardworking taxpayers,” said Senate Republican Leader Robert Ortt.