NY State Data Developes Profile of Average Person Hospitalized by Coronavirus


Gov. Andrew Cuomo outlined Wednesday the results of new hospitalization data that was collected from hospitals in a new effort to reduce the number of new hospitalizations per day. The state received 1,269 survey responses from 113 hospitals over three days and found that the majority of individuals were:

  • Not working or traveling;
  • Predominately located downstate;
  • Predominately minorities and older individuals;
  • Predominately non-essential employees; and
  • Predominately at home. 

The governor also announced that JetBlue is donating 100,000 pairs of round-trip flights for medical personnel and nurses to honor their efforts, beginning with 10,000 pairs of tickets for New York medical professionals. 

“As we begin re-opening parts of the state and re-imagining New York in the new normal, we should take this moment in history to use what we’ve learned and actually build our systems back better,” Cuomo said. “I don’t want to replace what we did – I want to set the bar higher and actually improve our situation so we are prepared for the future. We’re working with some of the nation’s great business leaders to ensure we are thinking outside the box and improving and modernizing our systems for the future.”