Tioga County dairy farm donates award to buy milk coolers at Tioga Central


(Barton, NY) – The Strong family of Stronghaven Farm in the Town of Barton donated its Dairying for Tomorrow Award to the Tioga Central School District to purchase $500 worth of portable cooling equipment to keep milk cold for students. The Strongs received the award from the American Dairy Association North East for their commitment to further the future of dairy farming.

Dairying for Tomorrow awards are divided into three categories: animal care, community outreach and environmental stewardship. The Strongs were named the honorable mention winner for environmental stewardship because of their forward-thinking leadership that benefits the farming community and their local community-at-large.

Award winners received a prize in their farm’s name that the Strongs chose to donate to their local school district to purchase $500 worth of portable cooling equipment to keep dairy products fresh for students.

“We chose to donate the award to our local school because we want to make sure students have access to cold, fresh milk with all their meals,” said Matthew Strong. “We hope to develop life-long, loyal milk drinkers and that usually starts in school.”

“The district was so appreciative and so excited they were nominated by a local farmer to receive this funding,” said Broome Tioga BOCES Senior Food Service Director Annie Hudock.


The Strongs were recognized for the Dairying for Tomorrow award for their effort to project local waterways, including the Susquehanna River and Chesapeake Bay watersheds. They employ no-till farming practices, cover crop planting and tile drainage to reduce phosphorus runoff and to minimize soil erosion. The family works closely with the Tioga County Soil and Conservation District to implement techniques to protect the waterways and helps to teach other farmers their best management practices.

“Our dairy farmers are dedicated to producing an affordable, safe and nutrient-rich product, while remaining committed to the care of their animals, their land, and to being a good neighbor to their local communities,” said Rick Naczi, CEO of American Dairy Association North East. “The Strongs epitomize the good work that all dairy farmers are doing.”