Tioga Public Health: Accurate Info is Vital to Slowing COVID-19 Community Spread


Over the past week, Tioga County Public Health has seen a rapid increase of COVID-19 cases, with 33 new cases occurring from September 22 to September 29. The key to slowing down new cases from occurring in our community is the accurate information provided to Tioga County Public Health during a contact investigation.

When an individual tests positive for COVID-19, an investigator from Tioga County Public Health will interview the positive case to determine who they were in close contact with in the 48 hours prior to developing symptoms, or being swabbed for COVID, through to the present time. During this investigation, it is vital that the positive case provides accurate and honest information about those they have had close contact with, as well as any public places where they have been.

When the positive case lies, gives misleading information, or intentionally withholds any information that is needed for the investigation, it can have detrimental effects. This can lead to individuals being missed who should be quarantined, which further leads to broader community
spread. This is what we are currently seeing within our community.

Please be aware that intentionally giving inaccurate information to public health authority could have legal ramifications, as these actions could lead to others being harmed due to the spread of COVID-19.

You can do your part in helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 down by

  • Wearing a mask and practice social distancing if you’re attending a gathering of any size
  • Keeping a log (either in your phone or in a notepad) of places where you have been with date and time records
  • If you are attending a gathering (even if it is just you and a friend or family member) make sure you make note of anyone you’re around for more than 10 minutes in case you need to refer back to that information at a later date
  • When you can, opt to skip the social gatherings and enjoy spending time with your household members
    Please remember that our department is doing our part every day to protect our community, but we need our community to help us out to prevent the rapid community spread of COVID-19 that we are seeing right now.