Tops Markets celebrates its 25th anniversary in Sayre with time capsule opening

Williamsville, N.Y. – On Friday, March 19, associates at the Tops Markets, 3014 Elmira St., Sayre, celebrated a 25-year milestone in Sayre by opening their time capsule. Store manager Rick Emerson was proud to stand alongside his fellow team members as they opened the time capsule, reminiscing as they saw all of the treasures that it held. Due to COVID-19 restrictions the store had an internal socially distant celebration with the store team.

“Tops Markets is proud to have served our customers from the ‘Valley’ for the past 25 years and is looking forward for the next 25 years,” said Emerson. “March 19th, 2021, marks the 25th anniversary of Tops Markets’ grand opening here in Sayre, PA, and it was very exciting to see the items our original team placed inside the time capsule from 1996 on this very day. It was interesting to compare the prices of 1996 to today’s prices and look at the pictures of the store manager and the department managers who opened the store. Our current dairy/frozen manager was part of the grand opening team in 1996 and was excited to be here for today’s event.”

The team discovered well preserved documents including:

  • a newspaper from the week we opened
  • a Tops mug
  • a picture of the original team
  • our opening ad
  • a store directory
  • a video of our television ad from that time on VHS
  • a chamber report
  • lyrics to a song about the store opening (sung to the tune of the YMCA)
  • a picture of the store manager.