Towanda Jr.-Sr. students must carry clear bookbags around high school building


(Towanda, Pa.) – For the 2022-23 school year, there has been a change in the bookbag policy at Towanda Jr.-Sr High School. Students carrying traditional bookbags to school must place those bookbags in their locker during the school day or they may ask their homeroom teacher to place them in the back of their classroom. Bookbags that are not clear are not permitted to be carried around during the school day. Athletic bags should be taken to either the athletic closet near the top of the new gym or one of the locker rooms immediately upon arrival to school.

We understand that prohibiting the use of traditional backpacks during the school day may be inconvenient for some students who prefer to carry their things with them. To help students transport their items to and from class, we will permit the use of clear bags throughout the school day. A posting showing approved clear backpacks and bags is shown on the district’s website and will be discussed with students during student meetings at the beginning of school.

This policy change refers only to the Jr.-Sr. High School. At JAM and the elementary school, students keep their bookbags in the closet areas of their homeroom teacher’s classroom.

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to strive to keep our students and school safe and secure.