Twin Tiers’ Politicians Outraged by Riot, Deaths, Seizure, Lockdown at U.S. Capitol

This is a random compilation of comments by various politicians in the Southern Tier of New York and Northern Tier of Pennsylvania.
U.S. SEN. BOB CASEY, Pennsylvania
I rise tonight to defend the people of Pennsylvania against a lie — the same lie that sowed the seed of today’s violence.
Those who performed today’s reprehensible acts were rioters, insurrectionists, thugs, domestic terrorists. They don’t represent America. They were violent extremists who tried to take over the Capitol. They must be prosecuted to the full extent.
GOV. TOM WOLF, Pennsylvania
It is past time for Republicans to stop lying and tell their supporters the truth. President Trump lost. The election was fair. President Trump received fewer votes. That’s it. We have had a peaceful transfer of power every election cycle in our nation’s history but because of the actions of Republicans, we can no longer say that. I am disgusted, but I will keep fighting to make our democracy stronger.
SEN. FRED AKSHAR, NY 52nd Senate District
The violence at the Capitol this afternoon is absolutely disgusting and those that chose violence should be ashamed of themselves. I thank the men and women of law enforcement for their efforts to keep people safe amidst these violent protestors’ despicable actions.
CHRIS MOSS, Chemung County executive
Thugs and hooligans committing unlawful acts and exhibiting disgusting behavior at the Capital should be treated as such. They should be arrested and prosecuted. Very sad day for our country.
It’s more than an assault on the Capitol building. It’s an assault on democracy and America itself. Domestic terrorists who undermine our free and fair elections and attempt to sabotage the peaceful transfer of power must be brought to justice.
We must call today’s violence what it actually is: a failed attempt at a coup. We won’t let President Trump, those in Congress who enable him, or the lawless mob that stormed the Capitol steal our democracy. The will of the American people will be carried out.
REP. CLINT OWLETT, Bradford County, Pa.
My family and I are praying for our country and for all involved in today’s developments. Storming into the electoral voting process at the Capitol today was far from law and order. Over 100,000 people set out peacefully to visit the Capitol today out of frustration. The actions taken by some take away the message that so many wanted to communicate. These actions are wrong and unacceptable. God bless the Capitol police and our first responders.

CLAUDIA TENNEY, former U.S. 22nd House District

“Deep concerns over election integrity do not justify violence or property destruction. We can only safeguard our Constitution and the Rule of Law by acting legally and peacefully. Those who threaten, attack, and destroy betray our fundamental rights of free speech and assembly.