Wide variety of classes currently offered at Stray Haven Humane Society & SPCA

Here is a link to where you can go and sign up online for classes: Events | Stray Haven Humane Society & SPCA (strayhavenspca.org) Also listed are the types of classes, the prices and the dates of the upcoming ones.
AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy is an exciting program designed to get dog owners and their puppies off to a good start. AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy is an excellent first in-person training class for puppies. and provides a good lead-in to earning the Canine Good Citizen title. $80.00
Puppy Manners Class – Your Puppy will learn the basics of life which include sit, down, stay, come, greet people nicely, leave it and walk on a loose leash. Playtime with the other puppies is included each class. The goal is to have a well-socialized and well-mannered puppy at home and when out in public. $80.00
AKC Canine Good Citizen’s Certification – CGC training create long-lasting trust between you and your pup, but also ensures you’ll be good neighbors and friends to everyone around you—and, if you’re interested in going beyond the basics, CGC also lays the foundation for other AKC sports and activities like obedience, agility, tracking, and performance events. $80
Canine Beginner’s Obedience Class – In this class you’ll learn and practice basic obedience cues with your dog like “sit”, “down”, staying in both positions, coming when called, no jumping, walking on a loose leash, “Leave it”. There are the fundamentals to letting your dog becoming a Canine good Citizen! $80
Canine Problem Solving Class – This class will delve deeply into basic problem behaviors that dogs and owners face daily. These problems include pulling on the leash, jumping up on people, mouthing people, not coming when called, as well as, common cues including sit, stay, and lay down. We will work on how to address these common issues and how to continue to work on them in their environments. $50.00
Canine Reactivities Class – The focus of this class will be identifying the motivations behind the behavior, calming techniques, management techniques, confidence building, and provide you with an introduction to exercises you can apply and practice to modify your dog’s behavior. $50.00
Rally Obedience – Rally-O is all about teamwork and you learning to communicate further with your dog. You and your dog navigate a course together, side-by-side, at your own brisk pace. You move him through a course with signs where he performs different exercises. The courses are designed by the Rally judge (10-20 signs per course, depending on the class level) that include various turns and commands such as sit, down, stay, etc. $80.00
Here’s a list of the dates they start. We will be putting more up in a week as classes will go through September. And in Aug/Sept we are offering 2 CPR for dogs certification classes so I’ll send you more info on those as we get closer.

5/4 – 5/25 Tuesdays

5-5:45 pm Rally-Obedience

5/26- 6/16 Wednesdays

5-6 pm Puppy Manners Class

6-7 pm Beginner Obedience Class

5/27- 6/17 Thursdays

5-6 pm AKC STAR Puppy Class

6-7 pm AKC CGC Class

6/8 – 6/29 Tuesdays

5-5:45 pm AKC Tricks Class (new)

6-6:45 pm Puppy Playtime (new)

6/30 – 7/21 Wednesdays

5-6 pm Puppy Playtime

7/8 – 7/29 Thursdays

5-6 pm Growl Class – this is a special behavior class (new)