SUNY Broome Sets August 31 as First Day for Classes of 2020-2021 Term


SUNY Broome’s Fall 2020 Reopening Plan has been approved by SUNY and has been announced to the campus. Plans are subject to change due to new information, guidance and/or direction from the state. To view the complete reopening plan, visit: Fall 2020 Reopening Plan



  • **SUNY Broome Community College will offer both in-person and online classes starting Monday, August 31, 2020.**

  • We will follow our traditional semester schedule. Instruction, whether face-to-face or remote, is planned to extend the entire semester.

  • The college is prepared to revert instruction fully to distance learning should it become necessary.


  • All classrooms, labs, and lecture halls have been assessed to determine the maximum capacity while adhering to social distancing guidelines

    • Labs that require face-to-face, hands-on learning will be separated into multiple sections allowing for personalized instruction while reducing classroom density

  • Depending on the course, some classes will be conducted in a hybrid environment with a combination of in-person and online.

  • Many courses will be delivered entirely remotely, either through Blackboard or other distance learning formats.


  • MASKS are REQUIRED – All college staff and students must wear face coverings on campus when there is potential for breaching social distance, such as hallways, going across campus and in classrooms. 

    • Campus visitors are required to comply with the State Executive Order for masks as well.

  • Employees must conduct a daily self screening (as detailed here). 

  • Contracted employees are to be screened by their employers before coming to campus. 

  • All classrooms, labs, campus common areas, and the residence hall will be cleaned and disinfected daily.


  • All residence hall bedrooms will be converted to singles, one student per room. All of SUNY Broome’s student living arrangements are “suite style”, so students will share common spaces within those suites (bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms)

  • Move-in day for the residence halls will be conducted in a staggered, 4-day period starting in mid-August. Each student will be screened upon arrival.