Rumored Nascar Points Changes Draw Quick Reaction


The rumored changed to the Nascar Sprint Cup points structure has drawn a quick reaction.
The changes are said to be:
1) Award 43 points for a win, 42 points for second, and so on to 1 point for last, and
2) The first 10 drivers in the Chase will be based on points; two drivers will be selected for the Chase based on wins.
There is generally positive reaction to basing the two Chase entries on wins. However, the points award system is being strongly criticized for placing too little emphasis on a win and too much of a penalty on a last place finish.
It is likely Nascar floated the rumors to gather press and public reaction prior to making a final decision on the approach for 2011. It is believed Nascar does not yet have a consensus on the changes.
The Daytona 500 is on February 20th; four weeks to go.

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